Work With Excellent Intellectual Property Lawyers

Dicran Hilajian

Dicran Halajian, Partner

Dico, a registered U.S. patent attorney for over 25 years, with more than 40 years of technical experience, has a strong technical background in a variety of fields. Dico has broad experience in electronics, telecommunication, computer science, and mechanical and chemical arts offering multifaceted support and legal advice dealing with all aspects of intellectual property law including PCT practice, Patent Prosecution Highway, expedited practice and trademark law. Dico is detail oriented and works with clients from Fortune 500 companies to individuals dealing with complex issues and providing customized service tailored to maximize the value of clients' intellectual property.

Gregory L. Thorne

Gregory L. Thorne, Partner

Greg is a registered U.S. patent attorney with over 40 years of technical experience and over 25 years in the practice of intellectual property law. Based on his extensive experience, Greg has the ability to grasp complex technical issues with a focus on intellectual property law including utility and design patents, international patent filings/prosecution and trademark law. Greg works with clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies and is laser focused on providing personal service to maximize value while giving legal counsel in all aspects of intellectual property law.