Gregory L. Thorne, Partner

Gregory L. Thorne

Greg is a registered U.S. patent attorney with over 40 years of technical experience and over 25 years in the practice of intellectual property law. Based on his extensive experience, Greg has the ability to grasp complex technical issues with a focus on intellectual property law including utility and design patents, international patent filings/prosecution and trademark law. Greg works with clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies and is laser focused on providing personal service to maximize value while giving legal counsel in all aspects of intellectual property law.

Greg received his J.D. with honors from St. John’s Law School while working full time as an electrical engineer, and also holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, with concentrations in biomedical engineering, microprocessor design, digital design and chemistry.

Greg was born and raised in Manhattan. After law school, he went on to practice intellectual property law at prominent New York City and Long Island boutique firms. Prior to founding Thorne & Halajian, LLP over 15 years ago, Greg practiced intellectual property law at Philips for over 8 years, including in the capacity as an inventor, attaining a level of senior intellectual property counsel.  During Greg’s time at Philips, he representing its premier research facility at Briar Cliff Manor, New York, and Philips medical division amongst other clients. Greg founded Thorne & Halajian, LLP with his partner in 2005, where he is intimately involved in all aspects of intellectual property law including intellectual property creation/prosecution and counseling clients on intellectual property strategies and best practices.

Prior to law school, Greg held the title of Senior Engineer with Northrop Grumman where he worked with cutting-edge technology for over 11 years.  He is a recognized expert in software modeling of complex electronic systems, analog and digital signal processing, circuit design and integration, microprocessor control systems, video signal processing, electronic countermeasures, test program development and integration, and expert systems.  He provided instruction and technical support to engineering staff in that capacity.

In his over 40-year career, Greg has worked on numerous patent, trademark, and contract issues.  He has developed technical expertise including in medical imaging, instrumentation image-guided therapy, biochemical testing systems including immunoassays, robotics, and medical data systems; artificial intelligence; domestic and personal care appliances; wired and wireless applications including mobile computing interfaces and applications; digital watermarking and encryption; robotic systems; circuit design and fabrication; digital displays, lighting applications and systems; consumer electronics devices and services including user interfaces; computer hardware, software control, and automation; digital design; and complex mechanical systems.

Greg lives with his wife of over 30 years, has three children, and enjoys spending time with his family; tinkering with computers, electronics, and cars; fishing; swimming; home maintenance and improvements.

Greg can be reached via email at: